THE ALBERT WILSON FOUNDATION Changing the Destiny of Foster Children.

The Albert Wilson Foundation

The Albert Wilson Foundation is committed to creating opportunities that will enhance the lives of youth in foster care. The Albert Wilson Foundation wants to change the destiny of foster children and break the cycle of abuse, neglect and abandonment. It strives to support youth during their transition in and out of foster care. Its goal is to provide scholarships to those wishing to continue their education outside the state of Florida, in addition to rewarding youth who continue to excel in the classroom and extracurricular, despite all obstacles and circumstances.

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The Albert Wilson Foundation was founded on the principles of giving back to the youth in the community. As a foundation, we set out to instill the following:


The major focus of The Albert Wilson Foundation is to inspire our youth to believe that there is a broad spectrum of possibilities in their futures.


The Albert Wilson Foundation will influence our youth to set goals and successfully commit and more importantly achieve them.

Interpersonal Skills

The Albert Wilson Foundation wants to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate and interact which will ultimately lead to better relationships.


The Albert Wilson Foundation is committed to providing a strong positive support system in order to guide our youth toward an optimistic future.



On June 22, 2019 the Albert Wilson Foundation will be hosting its 4th annual Albert Wilson Youth Skills Camp. Since its inception in 2016 more than 150 youth from the Treasure Coast and throughout South Florida have attended our camp annually.